Latest Trends in Aussie Skin Care


Australian skincare has been largely ignored.

Yes Lucas PawPaw is an essential and we all probably have at  one time owned an Australis product.

But if you think about it, what place makes more sense to develop skin care that addresses all issues,  than one of the most  harshest places on earth. 

No country wreaks havoc on their own citizens skin quite like Australia .

And right now it seems the world has caught on to this and is discovering and falling in love with these new skin care brands that are all proudly Australian made and owned  and most importantly, cruelty free .

So we’ve sourced three essential Aussie made skincare products, every girl needs in her bathroom drawer.

Note they are in order of how you should use them, not in order of how much we value them, cos they are all pretty special.


Tinted daywear 30+

Natural zinc protection shield UVA & UVB

 The harshness of the Australian sun is no myth , every year Australians face skin cancer and melanoma issues.  Many Aussies,  are used to regular skin cancer checks and also sadly some often end up having to get these removed, before they do any further damage.

Slip slop slap is an Aussie phrase embedded in every kids brain from school.

Even as an adult, sunscreen is still an essential part of every Australians skin care routine.

Australian sun creams and lotions  are sold world wide.

Invisible Zinc, includes zinc, a high 30+ protection against UVA & UVB rays. Combined with a tinted moisturiser, this pocket sized sunscreen  is quickly becoming an essential part of every girls daily skincare routine.




A cleanser  that actually, yknow, cleans.

Zoe Foster Blake has beauty blood, the former beauty editor has written two best selling books , dedicated to all things beauty.

And for the last two years she’s been quietly researching and developing her own skin care range.

Given all she's managed all this while  raising a couple of kids im guessing this switched on mama may know a little about keeping  skin care simple.

Go-To Properly Clean, is a must have, using plant derived ingredients 

and being proudly cruelty free.

This foaming cleanser is fantastic , it's quick simple and non irritable.

You can even keep it in the shower and just cleanse while you are soaping off the days dirt.

Using willow bark extract, a natural version of salicylic acid,its silky mousse formula will strip away the days dirt but keeping  your moisture intact .

Just a couple of pumps, massage into your skin and then rinse off the pollution and grime Leaving your skin clear and sparkling .




The scrub that kick started the rank phenomenon

Frank Is proudly Australian made and owned and uses that essential ingredient that all Aussies love and need, but  refuse to call it an addiction.

Yep coffee ……. 

The coffee bean is known for having many properties,  but one of its lesser known facts is it prevents or assists in fading  cellulite.

Coffee invigorates and keeps your skin cells circulating to ensure a silky smooth surface all year round.

This cruelty free product is a must have in every shower .

Allowing you to thoroughly remove all the buildup of your skin's exposure to free radicals, grime and pollution.

Leaving you skin smooth and silky to touch ,

Frank  original body scrub promises to be less toxic than your ex and proudly advocates that, getting dirty is the best way to get clean.

Credit to Minel.